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3style 15"mobilePC bag


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A brief bag in which WAX is applied to the surface of leather, and the moist feel and random shades of WAX leather are treated with olive leather. It is a bag that transforms into three different styles by changing the hook.

[Design points]

(1) By applying beige leather piping between WAX leather and olive leather, sharpness is attached, highlighting the difference in material and color.

(2) While the metal fastener looks gorgeous, it may not be possible to open and close it smoothly. The fastener used for this product is "METALLION", which is a coil fastener that opens and closes lightly but can produce the solid feeling of metal fasteners.

(3) The zipper pulls of the marble series were tassel type, but we have adopted simple leather pulls that male users are aware of.

(4) The color of the metal fittings is matched to the color of the main body, and gold and silver are used separately.

(5) Pockets that can store multiple mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are made "inward" so as to prevent getting in and out of the main room and hurt.

(6) The interior leather pocket is large enough to hold multiple business cards and cards.

(7) The interior plastic bottle holder can store not only the plastic bottle but also the power cable for PC.

[Style 1] The tab at the bottom of the bag is fastened to the hooks on both ends, and if it is made thin, it will be a brief bag design that can hold not only A4 files but also a 15-inch notebook computer. Size: W430xH300xD40mm

[Style 2] By fastening the tabs on the bottom of the bag to the hooks near the center, you can design a tote bag with plenty of space for your luggage. This form can also store A4 files. Size: W430xH260xD130mm

[Style 3] From the style 2 state, fasten both ends of the top fastener to the lower hooks to create a Boston bag design. Size: W330xH230xD130mm

Comes with a removable shoulder belt. Zipper pocket on the back and zipper closure on the mouth. 1 zipper pocket, 1 plastic bottle holder, and 4 other pockets in the interior