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Returns and exchangesIncorrect items/manufacturing defects/goods damaged in transit: In the event your shipment contains items you did not order or defective items or the like, please contact us within two weeks its arrival so that we can propose an exchange or other appropriate compensation. We are unable to accept returns or exchanges simply to suit the customer’s convenience.

Company name A‑LOOK Corporation
Sales representative Yūji Nagata, CEO
Address 823 Kawahigashi, Higashikagawa, Kagawa 769‑2602

+81 (879) 25‑1133 (Japanese only)

E-mail info@a-look.biz
URL http://a-look.jp
Additional charges
Additional charges Shipping: Shipping charges vary with the destination country; for more information, see the link below.
Express Mail Service (EMS) Rate Schedule
Bank transfer fees: All transfer fees, with the exception of those charged by intermediary banks, are borne by the purchaser.
Duties and taxes: Duties and taxes vary by country, but any customs fees, duties, or other taxes are borne by the purchaser. Contact your shipping agent directly when the product arrives.
Payment method Payment must be made in full via PayPal or bank transfer at the time of purchase. Your order will be shipped once payment is confirmed.
・Bank transfer
Payment date The full amount is payable in advance (within one week of placing the order).
Delivery date Shipment toTaiwan takes about a week from the time the shipping notice is sent. Purchases that include pre-orders will ship when all items are available for delivery.
Shipping method
Shipping method EMS