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In 1933, A LOOK was founded as a glove factory in the Kagawa town of Shiratori, which can boast that it produces more than 90% of the gloves made domestically. The artisanal skills handed down since our founding have been employed making bags and other leather goods at our company’s workshops in Kagawa.

Our company’s own WOGNA brand, launched to commemorate the 80th anniversary of our founding, takes its name from a legend originating in Shiratori, where our company got its start, telling how Yamato-takeru-no-mikoto, who as a child was known as Woguna, came to earth as a white bird (shiratori). By simplifying the routes through which we acquire materials and deliver our wares, we are able to offer reliable quality?fostered through years of making products for well-known brands?at price that delivers excellent value for money.