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Legend: Materials and Functionality

Olive leather
An original cowhide leather made supple through the infusion of extra-virgin olive oil pressed on Shōdoshima and cured using vegetable tannins in a method with low environmental impact. Not only can owners enjoy the changes in color and gloss that will come with use over time, but the moisturizers in the olive oil will keep the leather healthy for many years.
Olive-finish leather
Cured using vegetable tannins after first being tanned with chrome, this cowhide leather is soft to the touch. It is notable for keeping the color and gloss from when it was new and changing relatively little with the passage of time. The moisturizers from the olive oil infused in its surface will keep the leather healthy for many years.
Waxed leather
This cowhide leather is thinned to make lighter bags. The pattern of light and shade, inspired by the twilight skies over the Inland Sea, are created by wax hand-applied by an artisan during dyeing. It also helps hide stains or scuffmarks acquired through use.
Water-resistant marbled leather
This extremely rugged leather is treated using Scotchgard™ technology for a water-repellent surface and water-resistant interior that protects the material from water and oil stains. The material keeps its natural texture while being protected from deterioration caused by the cycle of wetting and over-drying, creating a leather that can be used worry-free even on rainy days.

Open exterior pocket
Zippered exterior pocket
Open internal pocket
Divided internal pocket
Zippered internal pocket
Removable shoulder strap